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5 advantages of RFID reader PDA scanner

5 advantages of RFID reader PDA scanner

  1. Industry background:


With the rapid development of logistics and warehousing, the market demand continues to upgrade, the complexity and diversity of warehouse management, and the requirements for warehousing automation are getting higher and higher. Various storage management tools have been an important part of the improvement. Forklifts play a very important role in corporate logistics and are the workhorse of material handling equipment. More and more companies are introducing smart forklifts for material transportation and management. Forklifts are due to derailment. Therefore, tire walking loading and unloading trucks are widely used in factories and mines. Warehouses. Stations. Ports. Airports. Freight yards. Various important cargo transportation places, such as distribution centers and distribution centers. The application and advantages of RFID forklift warehousing and logistics management.


Forklifts are playing an increasingly important role in logistics and warehousing. Faced with a variety of diverse needs and diversification. Intelligent logistics and warehousing construction also put forward higher standards for the development of forklifts. In order to realize intelligent logistics, improve the overall operation level of forklifts, improve compound functions, and ensure the basic power transportation function of forklifts. Intelligent warehouses play an important supporting role. Development and application of automatic identification technology in RFID forklift storage management!


RFID is a new automatic identification technology, which changes the logistics distribution and product tracking management mode after the bar code technology. Compared with traditional automatic identification technology, RFID technology has good permeability, multi-label remote identification capability, large capacity of identifiable item information, repeated reading and writing, and unique characteristics of identification information, which is very suitable for forklift system. The main carrier of goods transported by forklifts is the pallet. The technology of the RFID forklift management system is realized by installing a UHF RFID reader on the forklift. The UHF RFID antenna line and the industrial flat panel form the RFID reading system, and then use the finished pallet RFID electronic tags, when the production equipment RFID fork picks up the pallet, the forklift of the reading system obtains the cargo information by aligning the RFID tag data, realizes the confirmation of the information, and completes the uninterrupted tracking of the finished product information. Accurate management of cargo locations provides basic information protection.


RFID forklifts install electronic tags in RFID pallets through pallet management to complete the binding of electronic tags and pallets; RFID shelves use RFID to install electronic tags on the shelves to complete the binding of labels and shelves.


When the WMS generates a new entry and exit warehouse or assigns tasks, according to the operation of the forklift system, it automatically assigns the task to the forklift industry that has not performed the task PC. Finally, after the forklift worker starts the task, it will guide the industrial board to the RFI1D according to the forklift worker's needs. Designated racks or warehouse doors perform the task. During the execution of the task, the forklift RFID reading system will confirm the entry and exit of the warehouse or transfer the goods according to the current task status, and the forklift driver does not need to intervene.


During warehousing operations, the operator enters warehousing data in WMS, associates the information of the warehousing goods with the pallet, and decides whether to specify the specific location information of the goods according to the actual situation of the warehousing goods. The forklift driver forks the pallet goods to the designated location under the instructions of the PC in the forklift industry. When the pallet is ready to be withdrawn, the RFID reading system compares the read cargo location information with the cargo location information specified in the system. If it is correct, it will prompt that the storage is complete, otherwise it will remind the forklift driver to put the correct goods on the shelf. For goods that do not specify a specific cargo location, the forklift driver can select a suitable cargo location according to the free status of the cargo location. After being put on the shelf, the RFID reading system automatically associates the read location label with the label of the cargo pallet, and uploads it to the background system to complete the goods on the shelf.


During outbound operation, after the operator sends warehouse instructions up and down on the WMS, the industrial PC on the forklift will receive relevant tasks and guide the forklift driver to perform the goods outbound task. After the forklift picks up the pallet, the RFID can obtain accurate cargo information through the pallet label reading system, and compare it with the outbound cargo information specified by WMS.


The transfer is one outbound and one inbound completed in the warehouse, and its general process control follows the principle of inbound and outbound process control.


  1. The advantages of forklift management in RFID applications:


1). Fast scanning speed: UHF RFID electronic tags can scan multiple tags at the same time, which is fast and greatly improves work efficiency.


2). Accurately identify the location of the goods: Read the RFID through the wireless terminal on the forklift and the wireless terminal RFID reader to ensure that the goods are placed in the correct position.


3.) RFID reusable tags: The service life of RFID tags is generally greater than 20 years (reading and writing 100,000 times), and the content can be changed, so it can be reused to reduce business costs.


4.) Long-distance identification of goods without manual search: RFID forklift management can realize remote reading of shelves. The electronic tags on items can be found from a long distance. The location of warehouse items can avoid misplacement and entry.


  1. RFID forklift warehousing and logistics management application equipment


  1. RFID forklift reader:


Vega is a ThingMagic excellent M6e-A module is an industrial-grade integrated core RFID forklift reader, embedded with a high-performance M5eUHF RFID module, to meet the requirements of truck harsh environment operating standards. Forklifts and cars (in the vehicle reader model) are very Suitable for deployment in various indoor and outdoor applications. The version that supports the application call is the most. EU regulations allow a large allowable output power. Vegareader uses a local PC (not included) via RS-232 serial interface to provide command and control. IS strictly requires 16949 vehicle regulations. Widely used in forklift storage, logistics warehousing, access control management of trucks, reading in subdivided fields such as forklifts and automobiles.


  Product advantages:


1) Support EPCglobalGen2 (ISO18000-6C) with anti-collision, DRM, and first. Anti-interference entry;


2) Three reverse TNC antenna ports support 50 single station Ohm antennas;


3) 9Pin supports serial connector RS232 and asynchronous data transmission rate up to 921.6kbps;


4) 2 general-purpose inputs and one output can pass through Molex connectors;


5) Confirm compliance with vehicle standards;


6) Error-free Reader performance on vehicles and hundreds of tagged assets such as tools. Electronic and IT equipment, equipment spare parts.


6DBi ultra-high frequency circular polarization waterproof and lightning protection design RFID external panel antenna RFA915-6H70A, a general antenna suitable for UHF frequency band RFID applications with high gain and low standing wave characteristics. Beautiful and compact appearance. Waterproof ring and silicone double waterproof design. The shell is designed with steel bars. It is suitable for various harsh environments. It can be conveniently applied to RFID occasions in the UHF frequency band such as access control, warehousing and logistics, and retail.


RFID forklift storage management mainly realizes that forklift operators can see the work tasks on the industrial tablet computer, and have a planned work route and their own position on the map; when loading and unloading goods, the warehouse location and goods information can be identified in real time. The industrial tablet computer on the forklift will check the data in real time in the background to confirm whether it is correct; the information synchronized between the WMS and the forklift tablet can complete operations such as inventory, warehouse transfer, and disassembly in real time, reducing the operating process and improving operational efficiency.


The application of RIFD forklift intelligent storage and transportation management ensures the accuracy of data input in each link of cargo warehouse management, ensures that the enterprise can grasp the real data of the cargo in a timely and accurate manner, and reasonably maintains and controls the inventory and scheduling applications of the enterprise, which is conducive to improving storage Manage productivity. Management and management The perfect combination of RFID radio frequency identification technology in the entire warehouse forms intelligent and informational management and efficiently completes various business operations. The delivery of warehousing and logistics is greatly accelerated. The circulation speed of warehouse receipts improves the processing capacity of the warehousing system

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