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Application of PDA in Retail Industry

Application of PDA in Retail Industry

When many users choose PDA, they will see industrial-grade PDA mentioned in the promotional materials, so what is industrial-grade PDA? Industrial-grade PDA is different from general PDA, the difference is that industrial-grade PDA can be used for high temperature, low temperature, dust, humidity , oil pollution and other harsh industrial environments, so the industrial grade PDA must reach a certain industrial level.


PDA is a combination of barcode equipment and data terminal to transmit data through wireless network to build a portable data acquisition and transmission system. PDAs have batteries and can scan barcodes without being connected to a computer. Can be carried with you to improve work efficiency. The PDA has an on-screen display function to view barcode information while scanning. At the same time, it has the function of keyboard input. If the barcode is stained and cannot be scanned, the barcode information can be obtained by using the keyboard input.


Use PDA to realize the functions of information collection, transmission and query, scan the barcode of the commodity, you can quickly obtain the size, type, quantity and other information of the commodity, and transmit it to other stores or upload it to the headquarters in real time through the network. Real-time information exchange between stores can be realized, and managers can also grasp the sales situation of goods in real time and allocate and replenish goods in time.


The application information of PDA in retail management is flowing rapidly.


The establishment of a seamless collaborative platform can improve the operation and close cooperation of the supply chain from ordering, distribution, sales, warehouses, etc., to enhance the expected income of the enterprise, and coordinate the distribution in advance.


Easy to manage store.


Real-time analysis and feedback of terminal information can provide market basis for enterprises to make purchasing decision analysis, select products more suitable for the market, expand sales scale, and improve the market competitiveness of enterprises.


Precise cargo scheduling and distribution.


Real-time order and inventory inquiry can realize the precise scheduling of goods. By scanning all links of goods, it can improve the remote management of logistics and reduce distribution costs.


The specific application of PDA in retail industry


  1. Inventory: use PDA for inventory, fast and accurate. The inventory data is uploaded to the background in real time, efficient, local real-time data query, no need to query on the desktop computer, high work efficiency, real-time inventory process, can obtain inventory information at the first time, timely distribution, reduce the loss caused by insufficient goods .


  1. Inbound and outbound inspection: use PDA for inspection, change the traditional paper inspection, fast and accurate, no errors, reduce losses, real-time increase or decrease of data, and update inventory at the first time.


  1. Distribution: It is applied to the copying link of wholesale, using PDA for distribution, reducing the loss caused by unclear and wrong handwritten input, and sending the copying data back to the headquarters on the spot, and there is no need for the biller to re-enter it after going back. Short delivery time.


Ruiyan Internet PDA supports 1D/2D barcode scanning, RFID radio frequency identification, UHF UHF, NFC reading, DPM reading and other data collection methods. IP67 industrial protection grade, suitable for logistics express, manufacturing, retail, medical and health, public utilities and other fields.

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