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Industrial PDA handheld terminal becomes a reliable help for airport security applications

Industrial PDA handheld terminal becomes a reliable help for airport security applications


As a large-scale transportation facility, the application of airport security inspection is the main way to ensure the safety of navigation, and it is also a top priority. In order to better stifle potential security risks, we all know that the security inspection work at the airport is detailed, so many times we often see a large number of passengers gathered at the security checkpoint waiting for inspection, which greatly wastes the precious time of passengers , which reduces the user experience and greatly affects the operational efficiency.



To minimize wait times and provide a seamless experience for passengers. For airport customer security check, we launched an integrated security check solution using handheld RFID handsets.



Airlines are developing from traditional manual check-in counters to self-check-in procedures and fixed-point service for ground staff. RFID handheld terminals just meet the requirements of this development trend. Compared with the services that can be provided, we pay more attention to the portability of the industrial PDA of the handheld terminal RFID handset.


The hardware function of Ruiyan Internet handheld terminal RFID handheld satisfies:


  1. It can not only scan passports, but also have WIFI inspection function, and it can also maintain strong and durable high portability after high-intensity long-term operation.


  1. After the application of the industrial PDA handheld terminal, the security inspector only needs to connect a mini passport scanner to the data collector terminal to complete the corresponding security inspection procedure, without the need for passengers to come one by one.


  1. The RFID handset can wirelessly send the passport information read to the airport server. The server will verify the content of the transmission against the stored data and advise the system operator of any questionable details as necessary to check. Since the data is stored in a remote server instead of an industrial PDA handheld terminal, it ensures faster and safer data access.



The application of PDA handheld terminal in airport security check enables security inspectors to quickly complete the security check procedures for passengers at multiple boarding gates in the terminal building, which helps to improve the speed of security check and create a better experience for passengers.


Ruiyan Internet Technology mainly develops and produces handheld terminals and industrial pda handheld terminals with wireless data collection function for commercial and industrial use, and is committed to providing customers with overall mobile computing solutions, creating higher levels in the field of Internet of Things and mobile e-commerce. value.




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