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The inspection scheme of explosion-proof handheld terminal in dangerous goods factory

The inspection scheme of explosion-proof handheld terminal in dangerous goods factory

  1. Overview

Hazardous chemicals have always been classified as areas with high explosion rates, and the management of workshop equipment, warehouse management and dangerous goods areas in some chemical plants has been highly valued by relevant government departments. Especially after the serious consequences caused by improper storage of some hazardous chemicals in the past two years, it is necessary to equip the control system scientifically and rationally. According to the characteristics of chemical plants, how to stay in an invincible position in the competition, how to give full play to the role of limited resources, adjust production and operation behaviors in a timely manner, reduce human, material and financial resources to maximize benefits, so that chemical plants can realize the optimal production plan. Optimization, is a pressing issue.


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In order to maintain the safety of chemical production, solve common problems in daily inspections, strengthen the effective inspection times of inspectors, and prevent forged records. Inspections are not in place, and they are not implemented according to the system. Effectively guarantee the workflow, limited to specific equipment. Time. Through the preset of the system, it can meet special inspections in various occasions, and it is convenient to record the time when the staff arrives at the inspection point and the operation of the equipment. Parameters and other information. By checking the explosion-proof hand-held machine, safe production can be achieved and the service life of the equipment can be extended.


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 1.Structure of explosion-proof handheld inspection system

 2.Configure the server in the monitoring center;

 3.Install one-to-one high-frequency radio frequency inspection points (RFID)/barcodes on the equipment that needs to be inspected;

 4.Each inspector is equipped with a hand-held terminal for inspection;

 5.A set of equipment visual inspection management system is installed on the server side.

 6.The working principle of explosion-proof handheld machine inspection

The explosion-proof handheld will automatically receive tasks and results and report them in real time. During the inspection, you only need to carry the inspection device according to the inspection plan. The inspection time can reach the designated inspection point for inspection. When arriving at the patrol position, use the patrol device to read the point 1-6mm away from the patrol point, read the name of the Chinese voice broadcast checkpoint device, pop up the content that the device needs to check, enter the normal status and parameters of the device, and click submit. The inspection system of the monitoring center automatically compares the equipment in real time, and the equipment exceeds the standard. The abnormal linkage response to the alarm will be automatically triggered.


Found hidden dangers of equipment. When there is a fault, you can upload text descriptions in real time through the handheld terminal. By creating maintenance work orders, you can timely feedback the abnormal situation of on-site equipment to the monitoring command center. All inspection data will be automatically sent to the management platform system of the monitoring center through GPRS or 433 wireless communication. The visual inspection management system of the monitoring center will automatically process inspection data, analyze, count, and make reports to facilitate the availability of assessors. Check equipment operation and parameters. Inspection task evaluation improves work efficiency and provides scientific services for managers and users .Accurate inspection information and inquiry basis.

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