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What is a QR code PDA?

What is a QR code PDA?

Two-dimensional code PDA It is a data acquisition device that collects and inputs data in the form of barcode scanning, stores the data in the memory, and then transmits it to the background system through wireless data communication.


The data collection, processing, and transmission functions of the QR code PDA have changed the traditional paper record and manual input work mode, with high data collection efficiency and accurate data. Collect cargo information through two-dimensional code PDA equipment, check and inquire, integrate information in each link, and improve the timeliness of information interaction. Accuracy is of great significance to the development of enterprises. In terms of retail store management, chain stores are scattered across regions, there are many types of goods, inventory is difficult, inventory data is unclear, information is lagging, information interaction is not timely, and the headquarters cannot obtain store operation data in a timely manner, making operation management difficult. Using QR code PDA to scan the product barcode can quickly obtain the product size, category, inventory quantity and other information can be shared to other stores or uploaded to the headquarters through the Internet in real time, realizing real-time information exchange between stores. Managers can also grasp the sales of goods in real time and allocate replenishment in a timely manner.


  1. The goods on the shelf can be inquired anytime and anywhere, and the order and replenishment can be completed in time to ensure sufficient supply.


  1. Two-dimensional code PDA quickly collects data information, transmits it in real time, and helps store clerks check goods information.


  1. Can undertake store distribution tasks, QR code PDA can transmit order information in real time, plan routes, ensure timely and accurate delivery of goods, shorten order delivery time, and reduce consumer waiting.


  1. Realize rapid inventory of inventory products, visualize inventory management, and improve supply chain feedback speed.


  1. It is convenient for managers to grasp the operation status of the store, statistically analyze the unsalable/sales data, and provide a basis for decision-making.


Ruiyan Interconnection Technology QR code PDA supports scanning 1D/2D barcode, RFID radio frequency identification, UHF UHF, NFC reading, DPM reading and other data collection methods. IP66 industrial protection grade is suitable for logistics express, manufacturing, retail, medical, public utilities and other fields

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