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What is a scan code inventory machine and where can it be used?

What is a scan code inventory machine and where can it be used?


Warehousing and logistics enterprises scan code inventory machines, large supermarkets, clothing, shoes and hats and other industries have been widely used, and should be the earliest applied intelligent inventory management tools, but with the maturity of the Internet of Things and 50G technology, many supermarkets, clothing stores and enterprises need Access smart inventory management devices. However, many people don't know much about code scanning library machines. Today, we will briefly discuss what a code scanning library is and where it can be used.


What is a scan code inventory machine

Scan code inventory machine, also known as code scanning handheld terminal or data collector, is powered by battery, has its own internal memory, can store a certain amount of data, and can transmit data between computers, which is equivalent to a mobile computer terminal. The inventory machine can be divided into supermarket inventory machine, medicine inventory machine, commodity inventory machine, book inventory machine, etc. according to the purpose. The main function of the inventory machine is to scan and identify (scan code or read electronic labels). Mobile input. Data storage. Import and export data, etc., to avoid manual recording. The error caused by input is the validity of on-site data. Timeliness.


Where can the barcode scanning machine be used?

  1. Inventory management

Warehouse managers can complete the registration of goods in storage, including category, quantity, placement, etc., through the inventory machine and scanning the barcode of the goods, and then upload the data directly to the background database system. Data transmission collection and related information query functions.


  1. Warehouse management

During the outbound process, according to the outbound order, use the inventory machine to scan the barcode, input the outbound quantity, and upload the outbound information to the database system in real time to ensure the real-time update of the inventory status. Use inventory machines to scan barcodes for outbound management, effectively avoiding more, less or mistakes.


  1. Inventory management

Employee inventory machines download inventory tasks, scan barcodes for inventory, and upload inventory data in real time. The system will automatically generate inventory variances and start restoring inventory based on actual conditions. The use of inventory machines can effectively simplify the inventory process, greatly shorten the inventory time, and provide data assurance for enterprise management.


The code scanning library is a necessary tool for enterprise storage management and is suitable for the needs of various industries. Combined with the open operating system of the library, it is easier to customize and develop targeted software tools, which are more in line with the needs of enterprises.

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