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What is explosion-proof handheld terminal scanner ?

What is explosion-proof handheld terminal scanner ?


Oil is one of the most important natural resources and has made great contributions to the development of human civilization. Therefore, the petrochemical industry has always been the lifeblood of a country's social and economic development. With the continuous development of my country's petrochemical industry, petrochemical production enterprises are paying more and more attention to production safety and environmental protection while pursuing profits. Therefore, the inspection work of the petrochemical industry is particularly important. The inspection work is the basis of the management system of petrochemical production equipment, and these seemingly ordinary inspection work of equipment are often prone to major accidents due to human negligence.


In the traditional inspection work of petrochemical equipment, the inspectors use stickers and sign-in methods to manually record the inspection equipment, but this traditional inspection method has many drawbacks. The first thing is that managers have no way to know whether the inspectors have performed equipment inspections as required, and they cannot accurately assess the inspection personnel's attendance and work quality. In addition, using the traditional inspection method for equipment inspection is prone to early inspection, late inspection, missed inspection or even non-inspection in the process, and it is impossible to determine whether the hidden safety hazard has been eliminated, and the use of manual data recording is not only a waste of time, mistakes The rate is high, and there are also problems such as inconvenient storage of recorded data.


With the rapid development of my country's Internet of Things technology, smart handheld PDA terminal equipment, as one of today's information-based data collection tools, has been widely used in a variety of industries. What about the information-based equipment inspection management? The answer is of course yes. However, due to the particularity of the petrochemical industry, ordinary smart handheld PDA terminal devices are difficult to operate and use in this environment, so it is necessary to use smart handheld PDA terminal devices with explosion-proof functions, which are functionally similar to ordinary non-explosion-proof smart terminal devices. The functions and configurations of the handheld PDA terminal equipment are basically the same. The biggest difference is that the explosion-proof smart handheld PDA terminal equipment has passed the national explosion-proof certification and can be used in dangerous special environments such as petrochemical plants and coal mines.


Hazardous chemical environment (environmental) operation "safety first", how can PDA ensure production safety? To this end, the customer company has put forward new requirements for PDA handheld terminals, which are applied to explosion-proof industries: from chemical industry to pharmaceuticals, to oil, natural gas, mining


Explosion-proof handheld mobile terminal With the development of explosion-proof mobile terminal, explosion-proof handheld terminal has undergone special explosion-proof treatment, adopts explosion-proof battery, explosion-proof circuit design, has a small current, and will not cause explosion even if the circuit node is short-circuited. Relying on explosion-proof handheld terminals, the chemical and petrochemical company has established a daily maintenance management system based on the Internet of Things, which involves process transformation and software development of the business license system to ensure standardized management and effectively control project scope and risks.


Explosion-proof pda handheld terminal equipment is a high-performance terminal used in hazardous locations


Explosion-proof handheld mobile terminal skills description

  1. Explosion-proof handheld mobile terminal The explosion-proof handheld terminal is an industrial-grade data acquisition PDA device. Explosion-proof mobile terminals, also known as mobile communication terminals, refer to computer equipment that can be used on the move. Features of explosion-proof mobile terminals: RFID industry refers to handheld terminals with RFID read and write functions, which can read RFID tags.


  1. The main application of explosion-proof handheld mobile terminal is to collect various data in industrial scenarios. In the application of gas station, it is mainly used for membership card issuance, membership points, membership refueling, recharge, point exchange, supermarket cashier and other functions. We all know that it is forbidden to use mobile phones at gas stations, so we should use explosion-proof products properly in the hazardous area of ​​gas stations. Application areas include: petroleum and petrochemical, gas stations, coal industry, mining industry, special gas detection, etc.


  1. Explosion-proof handheld mobile terminals, however, we often find that many gas station staff are constantly operating smart hardware devices similar to tablet computers. Are they not afraid of accidents? of course not. The RFID industry refers to the handheld terminal, and the explosion-proof handheld terminal is an industrial-grade PDA data collector device. With the development of my country's informatization, handheld terminals will become more and more important, and it will be of great help to my country's data processing.
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