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What is handheld PDA Scanner ?

What is handheld PDA Scanner ?


Handheld PDA refers to a handheld terminal device with an operating system, data acquisition, photography, telephone, network communication, Bluetooth, positioning, data storage and transmission processing and other functions, which can be used mobile. In addition to some basic functions, the handheld PDA can also perform 1D/2D barcode scanning, barcode recognition, and RFID tag reading. With the development of Internet of Things technology, handheld PDAs, as data terminal devices, have been widely used in retail, logistics, transportation, medical, manufacturing, energy, finance and other industries, and play different roles in them.


Which industries are handheld PDAs suitable for?

1.Warehousing management: Use handheld PDA devices to replace traditional manual collection, statistics and query of cargo information, which is convenient, fast, and accurate. It reduces the cost of warehouse management, speeds up the warehousing turnover, and realizes the optimal configuration and management of warehousing goods.


2.. Retail stores: The data collection and transmission of handheld PDA offline retail stores helps stores realize quick-reading and convenient product in-out management, inventory inventory, commodity allocation, commodity shopping guide, etc. To meet the needs of frequent information and data collection, realize the transparency, formalization and efficiency of the management of all aspects of the retail industry, optimize the customer service experience, and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises.

3.Product traceability management: Handheld PDA is an indispensable part of the traceability system. Enterprises use handheld PDAs to record the whole process from suppliers to purchasing and receiving goods, to production, processing and quality inspection, and to consumers. And upload the data to the database in real time through the network, reproduce the production process and material traceability at any time, and clearly know the source and destination of each production link.


4.Deal with hospital waste: Solve the problem of non-standard classification and storage, registration and handover of waste, false reports and concealed reports to doctors

The amount of medical waste generated, the illegal reselling of medical waste, the separation of medical waste disposal outside medical institutions from closed-loop management, and the absence of hazardous waste in centralized medical waste disposal units

Business licenses, relevant enterprises illegally recycle and use wastes from medical institutions, etc.

5.Logistics express: In the logistics express industry, handheld PDA can be used in various scenarios such as logistics warehouse management, distribution management, vehicle management, and asset management. Through the fast data collection , the tracking and monitoring of the whole process of goods, assets and personnel is carried out to ensure that the goods are delivered to customers in a timely and accurate manner. It not only greatly improves the efficiency of logistics operation and reduces logistics costs, but also helps to improve user service experience and improve satisfaction.

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