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Why is the PDA scanner Zebra SE4710 scan head not sensitive to scanning barcodes?

Why is the PDA scanner Zebra SE4710 scan head not sensitive to scanning barcodes?

possible reason:


  1. Not aligning with the barcode (two-dimensional);

When scanning codes with a handheld terminal, point the scanning head at the barcode and press the scan button. At this time, the scanning head will emit red light, aim the crosslight at the center of the barcode, and the data will be collected. The angle should be as vertical as possible, try not to scan in a reflective state, and do not scan codes in particularly dark places.


  1. The film is not torn off;

   The new scanning head is protected by a film to prevent fingerprints or dust stains. If the worker installing the scanning head forgets to tear off the protective film, it will affect the sensitivity of scanning codes. At this time, you need to disassemble the machine, take down the scanning head, and tear off the film. Reinstall the scan head correctly. Test again.


  1. When scanning, the distance between the reading head and the barcode is not adjusted properly, too close or too far.


The hand-held gun-type barcode has a scanning distance of up to 500mm, while the PDA scanner Zebra scan head SE4710 uses a laser scanning head, which has the characteristics of long-distance scanning and long scanning depth of field. Some products can be scanned up to 200s/time. The barcode can be scanned multiple times within 0.01s. But also work at an appropriate distance.


  1. The barcode is not clear

If the barcode on the product or the outer box of the warehouse is unclear, or damaged or missing, it is normal that the data cannot be scanned at this time. It cannot be judged that the quality of the PDA scanner Zebra SE4710 is not good because of this, but what needs to be done is to replace the clear and complete barcode on the goods.


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