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Application of PDA in the Field of Mobile License Plate Recognition

Application of PDA in the Field of Mobile License Plate Recognition


Faced with the huge and rapidly growing number of cars, the manual recording of license plate information has made front-line staff miserable. Moreover, the traditional license plate recognition system is generally based on a fixed desktop platform, and the image acquisition is inflexible and inconvenient to use. In recent years, with the explosive development of the mobile industry, it has been widely used and highly praised as a handheld PDA that can meet the needs of mobile operations. Based on the handheld PDA platform, functions such as information collection, image processing, and data transmission can be easily realized. The mobile license plate recognition PDA is to embed the terminal license plate recognition algorithm on the handheld PDA, and extract the license plate from the vehicle image through vision, image processing and pattern recognition. character information to determine vehicle identity. The license plate information is quickly collected and entered, providing a convenient solution for traffic police law enforcement and roadside parking charges.


Advantages for PDA android scanner :



Toll collectors can carry it with them for flexible mobile office work. To meet the work needs of various occasions.


2.Fast license plate recognition

The license plate number is the only identifying information for the vehicle.Ruiyan internet T10 Mobile license plate recognition PDA uses a deeply optimized license plate algorithm, which can quickly and accurately identify the license plate number only by the vehicle license plate number.


3.License plate input method

The license plate input method dedicated to the parking industry is adopted, which effectively solves the problem of inaccurate license plate recognition caused by external interference or damage, and avoids vehicle entry and exit blockages. transmission

Mobile license plate recognition PDA supports wifi, 4G/3G/2G, Bluetooth multiple network modes, efficient data processing and transmission capabilities. Improve the work efficiency of charging personnel and shorten the waiting time of customers.


5.print all in one

The mobile license plate recognition PDA has a built-in printing module, and real-time output information is used as the basis for management and settlement. There is no need to purchase another printer, and the mobile license plate recognition T10 can be used to complete the printing of toll receipts and fines.

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