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Cost-effective PDA power solution

Cost-effective PDA power solution


With the advancement of science and technology, the digital products around us are increasingly abundant, among which PDA has become an increasingly important personal "digital assistant" with its convenience, practicality and increasing performance.

The PDA requires that the working time should be as long as possible while it has perfect functions, that is, the internal processing chip is required to have high performance, and it should also save power. However, the number of transistors integrated in the chip is increasing rapidly at the speed of Moore's theorem, and the demand for electric energy and heat generation are also increasing, and the use of PDA determines that it must be powered by batteries, so that the high-efficiency, small-volume power supply can Become the goal of PDA power engineer.


Among many battery power supply solutions, rechargeable lithium battery has become the first choice for PDA power supply due to its advantages of high energy density, high output power, and fast charging. The energy density of the lithium battery is around 3.6V. Usually, in order to fully utilize the battery energy, it is hoped that the working voltage range of the lithium battery is: 3.0V-4.2V.


As the internal circuit of PDA of electrical equipment, due to the rapid advancement of microelectronics technology, the integration level is increasing day by day, and low operating voltage is required in terms of semiconductor technology and low power consumption, which has changed from the traditional +5V to +3.3V. The current new type of The operating voltage of high-performance DSP chips has been reduced to 1.8V. Judging from the above battery voltage and chip working voltage, since the lithium battery voltage is higher than the traditional dry battery voltage, and the chip working voltage gradually decreases, the gap between the two is widened.


Among the power management chips, the prestigious RICOH Semiconductor has designed and produced a series of micro-power and high-performance power management chips for portable electronic product applications with its advanced design concepts and advanced semiconductor processing technology.


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