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How to choose pda mobile computer handheld terminal ?

How to choose pda mobile computer handheld terminal ?

The pda handheld terminal is a data processing terminal that can be used on the move. It has computer-side processing capabilities and is a fast mobile product for information-based data processing. It can be used in logistics, retail, medical and health .As for how to choose a pda mobile computer ,there are several tips for reference :


1.Project requirements and budget: choose according to the application field, scope of use and budget


2.Screen display effect: higher resolution can better support software operation, and has a certain protective effect on the operator's power


3.Power configuration: battery consumption, the smaller the better


4.Operating system: Android system can carry out secondary development, windows runs stably, each has its own advantages


5.Scanning head: choose one-dimensional or two-dimensional according to project requirements. Choose the scanning head of internationally renowned brands such as Zebra and Honeywell. The PDA handheld terminal has fast decoding speed, high accuracy and no machine jams. For the logistics industry, it is the best choice for jobs that require frequent code scanning.


6.RFID function: According to the specific needs of the project, it needs to be considered from the two aspects of card reading distance and signal strength


7.Protection level: Only a high protection level can ensure long-term use in harsh environments. IP67 waterproof, dust-proof, drop-proof


8.Price: Different handheld terminals have different configurations, different functions, and different prices. Choose functions according to your needs, don't pursue more and more. Just choose the function you want to use, and it can also ensure smooth running speed.


9.Memory: Choose a machine with high memory to run more smoothly. 1G+8G memory is too low, 2GB+16GB, 4+64GB is more suitable


10.Scope of use: Taking the warehouse as an example, if a large-scale three-dimensional warehouse uses a handheld terminal, the storage location of the items is relatively high, and it is far away from the operator, you should choose an RFID handheld PDA with a long reading distance and a high first-read rate. Small and medium-sized warehouses do not have high requirements in this regard. You can choose some simple models with complete functions and easy operation. In addition, due to the high frequency of use of handheld terminals in the warehouse, it is necessary to choose models with good quality and comfortable grip.


11.Interface requirements: The interface capability of the collector is the key consideration when selecting a handheld terminal. Users should consider the operating environment and interface mode of their original system when purchasing, and then choose a handheld terminal that suits the operating environment and interface mode.


12.The level of the first reading rate: the first reading rate is a comprehensive indicator of the handheld terminal, which has a certain relationship with the printing quality of the barcode symbol, the design of the decoder and the performance of the scanner. The higher the first reading rate, the more time you save.



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