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PDA play important role in cold chain transportation

PDA play important role in cold chain transportation

Today, with the rapid development of e-commerce and logistics, our way of life has also undergone great changes. We can purchase fresh ingredients online, even fresh products imported from abroad, such as imported fruits, imported dairy products, and imported meat products. From the warehousing and storage of fresh ingredients, to picking and transportation, and finally to the hands of consumers, every cold chain link must ensure that the temperature and humidity are controllable to ensure the freshness of the ingredients.


Current problems in cold chain transportation:


  1. The lack of batch management of goods makes it difficult to implement first-in-first-out, resulting in large inventory loss; in addition, it is not conducive to inventory inventory and traceability of various information.


  1. The frequent entry and exit of goods, relying on manual entry and exit operations is not only inefficient, but also prone to errors.


  1. The cold chain goods need to be in the specified low temperature environment at all times in each environment in and out of the warehouse to ensure the quality of the goods. Many smart devices are prone to power failure and fogging in low temperature environments, and cannot work normally.


  1. The data is manually recorded and updated, and there are problems such as cumbersome operations, manual errors, inconsistent data, security holes, poor real-time performance, and the inability to achieve full product traceability.


  1. There is no binding management between the storage location and the goods in the cold storage, and the warehouse utilization rate is poor, which also causes a lot of inconvenience to the storage, delivery and picking of goods.


In modern logistics, PDA plays an important role. Through the PDA complete and accurate collection of various data such as on-site receipt and delivery, warehouse receipt and delivery, cargo loading and unloading, cargo inventory, transportation and distribution, etc., better cargo management is carried out. The cold chain logistics is due to its low temperature and high humidity environment, and the PDA terminal dedicated to the cold chain solves these problems.


Features of cold chain logistics PDA


  1. Operating temperature: It can be operated in a refrigerated and frozen environment, avoiding unstable factors caused by long-term cold storage operations, and at the same time ensuring continuous normal operation in a low temperature environment of -20°C.


  1. Industrial protection design: waterproof design, because of the high humidity environment of the cold chain, the requirements for the waterproof level of PDA are higher.


  1. Flexible operation: The environment temperature of cold chain logistics is low, and operators often need to wear gloves to work, and PDA should be suitable for wearing gloves.


  1. RFID reading and writing: RFID technology can identify multiple tags at the same time, and RFID tags have readable and writable capabilities, can directly read data into the database, and write the status of logistics processing into the tags for the next logistics link It is especially suitable for the environment where the recorded data information needs to be changed frequently. In the cold chain transportation link, PDA can monitor the temperature in real time by collecting the temperature information of the RFID tag, and once the temperature reaches the limit value, it can alarm and remind.


  1. GPS positioning and GPRS data transmission: Temperature monitoring and location monitoring are unified, and the product information in delivery is transmitted to the system background in real time.


  1. Barcode scanning: Compared with RFID tags, the cost of barcode is lower. PDA equipped with barcode device can meet the application of different scenarios of cold chain logistics and complete commodity management.



Driven by the major e-commerce fresh food markets, the popularity of cold chain logistics will continue to rise. The use of PDA in cold chain logistics ensures the quality of food in the process of cold chain transportation and distribution, improves consumer satisfaction, and improves the competitiveness of cold chain enterprises.

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