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PDAANDROID company make Invisible code recognition come true

PDAANDROID company make Invisible code recognition come true


Existing QR codes are easily forged and destroyed in practical applications


Although the function of the RFID chip is powerful


But the cost is high, and it is easily damaged under pressure


Invisible codes can effectively avoid such drawbacks


Invisible code anti-counterfeiting technology is based on adhering to the original appearance of the picture


Make full use of digital technology


Hide invisible codes in various visual images


Invisible anti-counterfeiting code can be displayed through special invisible image inspection


What does the invisible code consist of ?

Invisible code encryption anti-counterfeiting and anti-channeling technology, through the printing method, the carbon dots with specific rules are formed into encrypted invisible codes, which are printed on the surface of different materials such as paper, PVC plastic, ceramics, etc., and the relevant invisible codes are extracted by a special identification device. The code element can achieve the function of anti-counterfeiting and anti-channeling, truly achieve one code for one item, and can quickly identify and read the information on the label.




Invisible code anti-counterfeiting technology generally consists of three parts, which are the invisible code carrier, the reading device and the query platform. Carry out the formulation of various details, such as material selection, printing process and so on.


Invisible code is an anti-counterfeiting and anti-channeling technology with high security. First of all, it is an anti-counterfeiting and anti-channeling technology that cannot be detected by the naked eye. Even if it is detected, it cannot be copied because the reading device and the anti-counterfeiting label carrier are encrypted. Human and financial resources. Invisible code anti-counterfeiting technology has strong collocation and is used to solve the problem of smuggling goods. It is effective. Even if the product packaging is torn or damaged, as long as the invisible code anti-counterfeiting technology is used, the damage degree of the code map reaches 90%. It can be scanned out, which greatly prevents the occurrence of smuggling.

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