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The difference between explosion-proof pda handheld terminal and ordinary Pda

The difference between explosion-proof pda handheld terminal and ordinary Pda

In recent years, explosion safety accidents in the chemical, coal mine, gas and other dangerous goods industries have occurred from time to time, causing heavy casualties in our country. Due to huge economic losses and serious negative social impacts, explosion-proof responsibility is heavy.


The direct cause of the explosion is the flammability of raw materials. It is explosive. It is easy to accumulate static electricity. It is easy to spread.


What is explosion-proof pda handheld terminal equipment


The biggest difference between explosion-proof pda handheld terminals and ordinary pda handheld terminals is that they have passed the national explosion-proof certification. PDA uses modern IoT intelligent management technology, handheld terminal can effectively solve the problem of data collection, fast and centralized data processing, timely communication of personnel at all levels, timely warning of dangers, and a series of management problems, such as implementation of constraints and supervision.


Explosion-proof pda introduces handheld terminal equipment


RUIYANTEK explosion-proof pda handheld terminal T10. It has passed the explosion-proof certification of the National Explosion-proof Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center. It is based on Android9.0 using high-performance processor and quad-core processor to develop an intelligent operating system CPU, with WiFi.4G. Industrial grade explosion-proof handheld terminal , with Bluetooth and other communication functions.


  1. Stylish and streamlined design, light and innovative body, small and exquisite. Mobile and portable.


  1. Using 4-inch Corning Gorilla Glass, high-resolution display touch screen, support multi-touch, support wet hands and gloves operation.


  1. High-performance barcode scanning engine, strong scanning ability, can accurately and quickly identify various one-dimensional and two-dimensional codes, fully meet the needs of high-intensity, high-precision code scanning work.


  1. IP66 protection grade, and can withstand the impact of falling from a height of 1.5 meters, sturdy and durable, to meet the work needs of various environments.


As China's leading sales of national technology PDA handheld terminal design. Manufacturer, Pinbang explosion-proof handheld terminal M iris recognition can also be integrated. HD camera. Barcode scanning. NFC. GPS other modules and functions are widely used in petroleum. Improve work efficiency in areas such as gas management.

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