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What is logistics handheld terminal logistics ?how to choose a warehousing PDA ?

What is logistics handheld terminal logistics ?how to choose a warehousing PDA ?

Logistics handheld computer, also known as logistics handheld terminal, collects logistics gun or logistics barcode scanner, transit field/warehouse data by scanning express barcode. It can be used as a logistics information data carrier, collect 1D code and 2D code information of goods through a handheld scanning head, store consignee information, goods status, delivery personnel information and other related information, and transmit the information to the database center in real time with the help of wireless network.


Handheld terminal is a common storage management device, which is used in data collection and information query to achieve intelligent management, reduce errors in work, and quickly improve work efficiency.


In warehouse management, the handheld PDA application uses the handheld terminal to scan the barcode of the goods, automatically counts, checks the information of the goods, records and uploads it to the management system in real time, which significantly improves the work efficiency and the feedback speed of the supply chain, and realizes the visual management of inventory. At the same time, work records are automatically generated and uploaded, making management more convenient.


In the process of cargo inventory, barcodes are attached to each box of goods, and the staff can scan the barcodes with PDAs to quickly and easily count the goods, which greatly improves the efficiency and accuracy of warehouse inventory and inspection of goods.


In the shelf shift work, warehouse shelf personnel determine the shelf position of the goods based on experience. When the same commodity changes the traditional shelf position for some reason, the shelf personnel cannot operate in time, and the sorting personnel cannot find it in time.


When the goods are sorted in and out of the warehouse, the integrated barcode scanning technology PDA mobile device is used to scan the barcode of the medicine, automatically identify the goods information, record, and realize accurate and fast sorting of goods, which greatly saves time and promotes the effective operation of the entire logistics and distribution process.


T10 batch code scanning PDA handheld terminal scans multiple codes at a time


What problems should be paid attention to when choosing a logistics warehousing handheld terminal PDA?


Fall resistance: The logistics industry has the characteristics of large workload, high labor intensity and mountains of goods. Often, workers need to scan with their mobile phones as they move goods. It is used frequently and sometimes bumps with the car. In this case, bumps and falls are inevitable.


Operational stability: The logistics and express tasks are heavy, often 12 hours or 18 hours, and the mobile phone processing speed is required, not only to enjoy the efficient code scanning and collection speed, but also to require the program to respond quickly and not get stuck


Software compatibility: The application of wince system in the industrial age is very common, but with the development of Android system, the compatibility of Android is getting stronger and stronger. It is recommended to choose mainstream Android handhelds. The staff is also familiar with the Android system, has a strong operating experience, and can use


Industrial protection level: The working environment of logistics express delivery is relatively poor. If the industrial protection level of the handset is not sufficient, water and dust can easily enter. In the long run, if the electronic components are damaged, the service life is greatly shortened, so the industrial grade of the handheld must meet the standard.

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