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What is rfid reader handheld terminal?

What is rfid reader handheld terminal?

The rfid reader handheld terminal is actually a handheld PDA that supports the reading and writing function of rfid tags. According to the RFID standard, it is divided into three categories: low-frequency, high-frequency and ultra-high-frequency rfid handheld terminals, of which high-frequency rfid is NFC.


There are generally two forms of rfid reader/writer handheld terminals. One is that the rfid reading and writing module is integrated inside the handheld terminal, and the reading distance is generally about 5-8 meters. The other is an external rfid reading and writing module with a handle. pda, read RFID tags up to 20 meters away,


The rfid reader/writer handheld terminal can read multiple tags at one time, including metal-resistant, waterproof, high-temperature resistant tags, etc. It is suitable for many industries to use in different environments, and the application is very extensive.

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