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Application analysis of android pda barcode scanner in fresh supermarket management

Application analysis of android pda barcode scanner in fresh supermarket management

With the continuous improvement of living standards, food safety has attracted more and more attention, and people have higher and higher requirements for the quality and freshness of fresh food such as fruits, vegetables, seafood, and meat. How to ensure the freshness of fresh food, cold chain logistics is responsible for the transportation of fresh food and plays an important role. The inventory machine can collect, record and transmit information during the storage and transportation of fresh food, and can view, manage and analyze relevant data in the background, record real-time data, and reduce and control the loss of freshness of food materials during transportation.


For fresh food materials from storage, storage, picking, transportation to consumers, each cold chain link should ensure temperature and humidity control to ensure the freshness of food. As an intelligent device for data collection, processing and transmission, the inventory machine can play an important role in the construction of cold chain logistics informatization. Food cold chain management is transparent and visualized. Cold chain logistics is a changeable low temperature and high humidity environment. In this environment, ordinary storage machines may not be used. There are also many challenges to the cold storage operation of operators. It is necessary to use storage equipment that can adapt to low temperature operation.


Shenzhen RUIYANTEK Android pda barcode scanner is specially designed for cold chain storage application scenarios, dedicated to -25 ℃ strict cold chain environment operation. According to the actual operation needs of cold chain workers, gloves can also be worn smoothly to ensure work quality and efficiency. Professional scanning head, scan more than 3 times per second. Industrial body, 1.5m fall, more reliable operation and use.

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