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Carton Cloud WMS 3PL software Guide

Carton Cloud WMS 3PL software Guide

CartonCould’s fully integrated warehouse and transport management software is built for accurate and efficient third party fulfillment .

Increase picking accuracy,order fulfillment capacity,and manage your inventory with transparency.Delight customers with last-mile delivery tracking ,optimize your operations and slash admin hours with automated data entry and streamlined software integration.Everything you need to manage your operations and grow your 3PL business .


Picking accuracy

CartonCloud’s powerful mobile app lets you scan barcodes on the go, including warehouse rack and bulk location barcodes — for greater accuracy in inventory management and selection.


Last mile delivery

With CartonCloud’s intuitive 3PL freight software you can allocate hundreds of jobs in seconds, optimize delivery routes and record electronic PODs for greater accuracy and faster invoicing.


Cut admin by 80%

Our automated 3PL Logistics software is so intuitive, you can use it with your eyes closed. CartonCloud removes manual data entry with seamless integrations, and provides greater customer service through the customer portal access.


Advantages :

Carton Cloud software is easy to use and simple to set up. And team of experts will help you each step of the way, to get your and your team online in no time, so you can start saving time and money sooner.


Hot Features of Carton Cloud software:


1.Flexible Barcode Scanning

Increase picking accuracy and efficiency. With the CartonCloud mobile app, warehouse staff can scan warehouse locations, pallets and inventory barcodes to ensure picking accuracy, and record inventory movement as they go.


2.Steam-line operations

The mobile app is designed to make your life easier on the go — with optimized picking and put away workflows for greater efficiency. Tailor your storage to the inventory you have, with FIFO (first in/ first out), FEFO (first expired/ first out), wave picking, replenishment and other workflows to boost your warehouse efficiency.


3.Cross Dock with ease

Simplify cross docking operations by scanning incoming inventory or simply enter data from email attachment and allocate to the loading area in your WMS. Keep eyes on all of your inventory and simplify warehouse to delivery workflows.


4.Driver App

Drivers can effortlessly pull up the address and CatonCloud’s powerful TMS software will navigate them to the delivery address, where they can capture images, and electronic proof of deliveries plus more.


5.Simple and accurate reporting

With CartonCloud, your data is always up to date. Track stock movement, sales order fulfilment and consignment delivery — and allow customers to view reports and updates through their customer dashboard login 24/7.


6.Available in Demo mode

Want to see how our powerful mobile app works? Download the mobile app in Demo mode for FREE on iOS or Android and see for yourself.


Demo video :

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