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Power energy intelligent inspection solution

Power energy intelligent inspection solution

Power equipment inspection is a basic work to effectively ensure the safety of power equipment, improve the reliability of power equipment, and ensure the minimum failure rate of power equipment. At present, manual inspections and manual paper media recording are commonly used in China. These methods have defects such as many human factors, high management costs, inability to supervise the work of inspection personnel, and low degree of informatization of inspection data.


Face the challenge:


How to effectively improve the quality of inspection work? How to effectively digitize the inspection data? How to eliminate potential safety hazards in the inspection process? These problems have plagued the inspection department for many years.


Program introduction:


The above problems can be easily solved through the simple deployment of power equipment handheld device terminals and inspection systems. The staff realizes the intelligence of the inspection work through the handheld terminal, and records and uploads the work information at the same time; the manager can obtain the inspection information in time through the background management system, and supervise the work status. And it can realize functions such as intelligent route arrangement, data recording, work status supervision, data summary report, etc., and can be seamlessly connected with the existing information system of power equipment enterprises, so as to effectively understand and check the inspection work status, and timely discover power equipment It can improve the safety of power equipment operation, reduce production and operation costs, and improve work efficiency. It has significant advantages such as low cost, light and easy operation, and long service life of equipment.


Application details:


When the inspectors go out for inspection, they will send a message to the center automatically (every 2 minutes, the interval can be set) or manually through the terminal inspection device of the handheld device, reporting the current location, time and other information of the inspectors. If there is a fault, send the fault type, device number and the current RFID information of the handheld device terminal to the monitoring center.


The monitoring center receiver receives the reported information and stores it. The system reads the information received by the receiver through the system, decomposes the time, location, equipment type, and discoverer of the fault, and automatically stores these data information into the database server and publishes it on the Internet at the same time.


The monitoring terminal uses the RFID system to display the inspection status in real time on the software, such as displaying the fault points found by each inspection personnel, the emergency situation of various faults, the processing situation, the current status, the position and location of each inspection personnel at a certain time Inspection route.


The system can also carry out statistics, summary and analysis of various historical data stored in the database, and display the frequency and occurrence objects of certain faults in a certain period of time in the format of various charts or reports, which can be used by management personnel through predictive analysis Strengthen management and formulate countermeasures. To achieve the purpose of pre-control to reduce the accident rate and ensure the smooth progress of safe production.


Benefit analysis:


  1. There is no need to install any equipment on the inspection equipment and power equipment, which greatly reduces the purchase and maintenance costs of the system;


  1. It can effectively guarantee the inspection quality of inspection personnel, improve the safety and reliability of equipment and power equipment, and eliminate potential safety hazards;


  1. Adopt wireless network and RFID technology to realize information management and paperless office of power equipment inspection work.


  1. Realize the real-time and scientific inspection management of power equipment, and improve the level of maintenance management and work efficiency;


  1. By using the wireless network to transmit the inspection data and RFID data to the inspection management department in real time, the hidden troubles in the power equipment lines can be discovered in time.


  1. It is convenient to scientifically manage and arrange the inspection work of inspection personnel.
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