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What are the functions of mobile PDA?

What are the functions of mobile PDA?


  1. Barcode Scanning

The mobile PDA can realize the scanning function of one-dimensional barcode and two-dimensional code. In addition, defaced barcodes, bubble bag barcodes, long-distance barcodes, and barcodes on mobile phone screens can all be scanned quickly, fully meeting the data collection needs of various application scenarios.


  1. Real-time data transmission

Full Netcom 4G, dual card dual standby, data transmission and calls are correct. Dual-band five-mode WiFi, with unique signal amplification technology, can fully meet the needs of retail, medical and other industries with high WiFi requirements.


  1. RFID identification

With RFID read and write function, it can read RFID tags. The group reading performance is outstanding, it can read more than 60 tags at the same time, and the reading distance is up to 8m.


  1. Collection of geographic location information

GPS, Beidou, GLONASS three-mode positioning. Applicable worldwide, you can get faster and more accurate location information services in navigation applications.


  1. Fingerprint collection and comparison

With the fingerprint acquisition module, biometric fingerprint information can be collected and compared, mainly used in areas with high security requirements such as banks and public security.

  1. Accurate focusing and fast imaging

In order to meet the application requirements at this stage, the current mobile PDA basically has a camera for image collection, which is mostly used for on-site law enforcement, on-site information collection and other applications. The mobile PDA integrated by Dongda adopts a 13 million rear camera, and takes the lead in adopting the phase focus technology. The camera technology is ahead of similar products. All kinds of OCR applications can meet the high requirements of picture clarity.


  1. Configure the Google App Market to facilitate downloading various APPs and do compatible work. It can be stored as EXCEL, and can also be used in conjunction with SAGE200, GS1 and other software.


Application areas: Widely used in logistics express, retail, manufacturing, public utilities, hospitals, agriculture and animal husbandry and other industries.

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