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What is a rfid explosion proof handheld pda terminal ?

What is a rfid explosion proof handheld pda terminal ?

Explosion-proof rfid handheld terminals are well known. The logistics industry receives bags from all over the country every day. Such bags must be screened during transportation before they can be sent to the proper destination. In electricity, a large number of sockets and various systems are often required to be connected. The page of the general tablet computer is basically unchanged, while the page of the hand-held industrial tablet computer has a strong expansion function, which better meets the requirements of the product quality interface in most fields.


Interpretation of explosion-proof rfid handheld terminal process


  1. Explosion-proof rfid handheld terminal For example, RFID scanning gun is something that many people have not heard of, but its other name - PDA gun, everyone knows what it is. With the rapid development of Internet of Things technology and information technology, for the particularity of the chemical and petroleum industry, explosion-proof handheld terminals are solved by special explosion-proof types. Features and characteristics of explosion-proof handheld terminals: light and compact, easy to carry, fast WIFI, 4G major websites IP66 protection level, 1.5m safety protection and complete function system software, equipped with world-renowned scanner modules, the actual operation is smooth and casual, suitable for a variety of barcode recognition 4300mAh large-capacity lithium-ion battery smart batteries.


  1. Explosion-proof rfid handheld terminal Explosion-proof portable terminal equipment is solved by special explosion-proof type, using explosion-proof battery, explosion-proof circuit principle, with a relatively small amount of current, even in the case of a short-circuit fault at the power circuit connection point. explosion occurs. Explosion-proof handheld terminal refers to a portable data processing method terminal device equipped with an embedded operating system. It is durable and can run continuously from explosion-proof conditions... According to the introduction of explosion-proof handheld devices and mobile phone Bluetooth logos, the safety patrol The efficient operation of the inspection and maintenance record sheet, the real-time collection of the safety inspection database, the specific guidance management of the safety inspection service and the personnel safety management.


  1. Explosion-proof rfid handheld terminal, RFID code scanning gun is mainly used to automatically retrieve barcodes, obtain product information or logistics details, and accurately transmit relevant information. According to the RFID handheld terminal, the information content of the application for registration of the capsule can also be identified under the scanner, which greatly saves time and labor costs. The overall selection is gray and black, and the orange buttons are matched with each other, and the color is bright; this device also provides 2/3/44g, which is called a small and exquisite machine.


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