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Completely solution for warehouse management --Ruiyan Internet PDA android scanner

Completely solution for warehouse management --Ruiyan Internet PDA android scanner


Warehouse management is an important part of enterprise supply chain management. Combined with warehouse management PDA to scan barcodes, warehouse management can be refined to warehouse locations and each business operation, so as to realize the refinement of warehouse management and improve business efficiency. The industrial design of the warehouse management PDA enables it to be used normally in harsh environments such as high temperature, high humidity, severe signal interference, and three-dimensional warehouses, ensuring that all operations are carried out in an orderly manner, and that products and material accounts are consistent. Provide timely and accurate data.


Ruiyan Internet PDA supports 1D/2D barcode scanning, RFID radio frequency identification, UHF UHF, NFC reading, DPM reading and other data collection methods. IP67 industrial protection grade, suitable for logistics express, manufacturing, retail, medical and health, public utilities and other fields.


The specific application of warehouse management PDA


  1. Warehouse management

In the warehouse management work, through the application of the warehouse management PDA, in the warehousing, inventory, and sorting links, the warehouse management PDA is used to scan the barcode of the goods, automatically count and check the information of the goods, and upload the records to the management system in real time, which improves the work. Efficiency and feedback speed of the supply chain to realize the visual management of inventory. At the same time, work records are automatically generated and uploaded, and management is more convenient.


  1. Data management

With the warehouse management PDA, the staff can quickly scan and query the goods and transfer them to the database for comparison. And through the wireless network, data can be transmitted to the headquarters database for easy query.

The barcode recognition technology of the warehouse management PDA is used to collect data during the inventory process to obtain accurate and real-time data, avoid the problem of inconsistent accounts and reduce the time for business execution.


  1. Shelf inventory

The staff scans the barcode of the goods through the warehouse management PDA, which can quickly and conveniently carry out the inventory of the goods, which improves the efficiency and accuracy of the inventory and goods inspection, and saves the time of manual recording and transcription.

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