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PDAANDROID Best QR scanner for android to handle warehouse management

PDAANDROID Best QR scanner for android to handle warehouse management



The development of Internet of Things technology and the increasingly fierce market competition have made more and more companies put forward more sophisticated management requirements for their product production, logistics, sales, after-sales service and other processes. And accurately identify item information and track the flow of items to achieve a fast, efficient and accurate working mode; improve operational efficiency, innovate management systems, and provide decision-making basis to achieve the goal of lean management.


Problems faced by warehouse management :


1.Manual order making is inefficient, prone to errors, and data updates are not timely.


2.Manual verification and verification of materials, fewer, more, and serious errors.


3.Unqualified products and restricted types of in and out of warehouses are controlled by humans.Inbound and outbound management is chaotic.


4The division of labor is not clear, and the on-site management is chaotic


Procurement Appeal

After the goods are inspected and put into the warehouse, in the process of use, if there is a problem with the raw materials, it is impossible to accurately determine which batch of goods has the problem, and it is impossible to provide an effective basis to hold the supplier accountable.


Trouble for Quality Control :

During the after-sales and maintenance process, it is difficult to confirm which core components are used in the product and whether they have been replaced;

Whether the finished product is still within the shelf life


Sales department:

1.Distributors sell goods in a serious situation, and there is no basis for differentiation.

2.When there is a problem with the product, it is difficult to trace the recall.

3.How can consumers identify the authenticity of a product in the first place? Detecting counterfeit products, consumers

4.How to advocate for rights or feedback? How to protect enterprise products?


Where to stick barcode:


How to scan a QR code on android

Use PDAANDROID QR code scanner to collect data ,transfer to platform


Process to solve the above trouble


Barcode application value


  1. Clear identification: Through the application of barcode labels, it is possible to clearly identify which supplier brand the material belongs to (which workshop the product belongs to), effectively distinguish which batch of incoming goods the material is (which batch of the product is produced), and improve the material ( product) recognition, reduce the error of human judgment;
  2. Improve efficiency: Scan and collect barcodes during warehouse receipt and delivery, realize mobile office, make orders in real time, update inventory in real time, and improve the efficiency of warehousing operations;
  3. Evidence to check: After the barcode system is installed, the purchased materials are scanned in and out of the warehouse through the PDA to record when the materials identified by the barcode are in the warehouse, when they are out of the warehouse, which work order, workshop lead Use, which day the purchased materials are used, which batch of products are used, and which customer the products are sold to, so as to provide a basis for retrospective investigation and traceability when subsequent products have quality problems.
  4. Accurate data: collected through the bar code system to reduce human errors and reduce the current unclear handover of paper documents.
  5. Standardized operations: In view of the existing business status, gradually replace manual operations with the system, and improve warehouse management operation standards.
  6. Quality traceability: Through the product traceability report, when there is a quality problem with the product, enterprise personnel can enter the corresponding document number or product barcode through the product traceability report on the Kingdee Cloud client to inquire, and then further trace the information of the raw materials.
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