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what are the advantages of industrial pda when compared with mobile phones?

what are the advantages of industrial pda when compared with mobile phones?

Compared with mobile phones, industrial pda and mobile phones, what are the advantages? Industrial pda and mobile phones will have faster scanning speed, more choices, and more industry characteristics than mobile phones. Users with pda will use industrial pda to compare with mobile phone most of the time.


  1. Scanning performance

Pda is a dedicated scan engine to decode, and a mobile phone is decoded by a camera. The difference between the two is too great. The action of mobile phone scanning needs to click the camera button, call up the camera interface, and recognize it. It has already taken nearly 3-4 seconds here, not counting the time when the card owner and other problems appear. Pda scanning is directly decoded by pressing the scan key, which is calculated by subtlety, and the efficiency is not the same. Some users will compare the recognition capabilities of the camera and the scanning head, and some special codes can also be recognized, but the PDA general standard scanning head cannot. In fact, this is normal. The pda scan head is developed for the types of barcodes and QR codes commonly used in the market. Of course, the adjusted special scan head is of course also recognizable.


  1. Choose more

Pda has many more types of device scanning heads than mobile phones, such as Honey head, Zebra head, Newland head, Mingde head, etc. However, the mobile phone only uses the camera to decode, which cannot meet the actual application needs of users.


  1. More industry characteristics

As a professional industrial-grade equipment, Pda is used in factories, retail, medical, logistics, finance and other fields. No matter in appearance, performance and function, it is more industrial. For example, medical pda will have antibacterial properties, and the equipment is produced with medical antibacterial materials, so that it can be used more safely. Logistics pda then highlights the characteristics of resistance to falling, anti-falling, and fast scanning ability. The pda used in factory cold storage can also operate normally at low temperature. These are the characteristics of the pda industrial industry.


  1. Lightweight and portable, easy to operate


Because of the need for handheld operation, the design avoids the rough and bulky appearance of industrial tablet computers, pda has a beautiful and compact design, ultra-thin body, light and portable, and easy to use and easy to operate, basically the same as a smartphone.



  1. Sturdy and durable


It can be used in a variety of high and low temperature environments and harsh environments, and can easily withstand operating temperatures as high as +60° to -20°. It has three-proof characteristics of waterproof, dustproof and anti-fall, and has passed the IP67 protection certification.


  1. Powerful


Large screen design, high-definition resolution, compatible with Ethernet, wireless WIFI.4G, dual-card dual-standby and other networks, support fingerprint recognition, GPS/AGPS/Beidou positioning, ID card information reading, etc.; industrial PDA built-in Bluetooth, camera, Call, GPS, multi-mode wireless network, data communication functions, suitable for various harsh environments. Industrial PDAs also have data collection functions such as barcode scanning, radio frequency identification (divided into low-frequency LF, high-frequency HF, ultra-high-frequency UHF), and fingerprint identification, which are not available in consumer-grade PDAs. Therefore, it is widely used in logistics, manufacturing, retail, medicine, transportation, energy and finance industries.


I believe that many of my friends have a general understanding of pda after seeing this, and for further understanding, we have to do more with professional pda supplier factories.

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