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What can be customized for PDA handheld terminals ?

What can be customized for PDA handheld terminals ?

Mobile phones are widely used in our lives, such as industrial mobile phones, handheld mobile phones and other POS machines, smart handheld phones, explosion-proof handheld phones, etc. With the change of industry demand, people's demand for handsets gradually tends to be customized. So, which parts can be customized and reinforced handheld?


In order to meet the needs of customers in different industries, the scope of customization of information-enhanced mobile phones can be divided into four categories: appearance, hardware, software and brand customization. Protection, pollution and moisture resistance, displaying actual information effects, etc.


Appearance customization: In addition to traditional product size, shape and color, customers can also choose product internal structure, product design mold and open structure.


Hardware customization: Customers can choose the required processor, memory, hard disk, sunshine vision screen, etc. according to their own needs. In addition, special modules can be added, such as fingerprint recognition, barcode scanning, radio frequency identification and ID card recognition.


Software customization: System software functions can be customized according to customer needs, including startup, pre-installed software, startup animation logo, system function cutting, system function customization development, etc.


Brand customization: product packaging, product appearance, brand logo, product manual, etc. can be customized according to customer needs, establish brand image, expand customer brand influence, and assist in market development.


RUIYANTEK as a company focusing on industry customization and terminal product solutions, has comprehensive handheld terminal customization solutions that can meet the needs of the entire industry. Whether it is a small four-inch screen that customers need to carry or a six-inch full screen that meets unlimited vision, whether it is retail inventory, ticket identification, logistics sorting, you can find a satisfactory solution in RUIYANTEK .

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