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What code can PDA scanner recognize ?

What code can PDA scanner recognize ?

The principle that the smart handheld terminal can read the barcode, when the light emitted by the light source of the smart handheld terminal is reflected on the barcode, the reflected light irradiates the photoelectric converter inside the smart handheld terminal. converted into the corresponding electrical signal.


Barcodes can be divided into 1D codes and 2D codes. Can all smart PDA android handheld terminals read 1D codes and 2D codes? the answer is no .


One-dimensional code is the most traditional barcode. Common one-dimensional codes include: EAN code, 39 code, cross 25 code, UPC code, 128 code, 93 code, ISBN code, and Codabar (Codabar code) and so on. As long as you pick up a product, there will be a barcode on the back of the product. The content of the barcode mainly includes the name, place of origin, price and date of manufacture of the product.


The storage capacity of the two-dimensional code is larger, which is safer than the one-dimensional code. Due to the large storage capacity, the two-dimensional code can also be used for brand promotion.


Not all smart handheld terminals can read 1D barcodes and 2D barcodes. When choosing a smart handheld terminal, you need to consider the scanning engine of the device. Devices with a 1D scanning engine cannot read 2D barcodes. A device with a 2D scan engine can read 1D barcodes and 2D barcodes. Therefore, when purchasing a smart handheld terminal, a scan engine is required. If you do not need to read QR codes, you can choose to only support 1D barcode scanning devices.


Engonus is professional manufacturer of PDA android barcode scanner ,provides industrial grade PDA device ,which can scan 1D & 2D code ,also can scan LF HF UHF RFID tag .



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