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What is 5G pda mobile computer ?

What is 5G pda mobile computer ?

2020 and 2021 can be described as the "first year of 5G". 5G base stations are blooming everywhere in big cities, and major communication operators have launched various 5G packages in an attempt to seize the 5G market share first. With the further development of 5G technology, small company has promoted product upgrade iterations, and new smart handheld terminals supporting 5G have emerged as the times require. (hereinafter referred to as "smart handheld terminal", referred to as "PDA")


Is it worth buying a PDA under the wave of 5G technology? What are its advantages?


As the fifth-generation mobile network communication technology, 5G has the characteristics of high-speed transmission, delay and carrier, and can be applied to many fields such as industry, electric power, energy, and finance. Are 4G PDAs good? Are 5G PDAs better? In comparison, what are the advantages of 5G PDA?


An excellent field PDA must be able to get rid of the shackles of the indoor network, ensure high-efficiency communication in various outdoor scenarios, and improve work efficiency. PDAs that support 5G and 4G full Netcom can be used wirelessly without WIFI in our mobile work, which is very convenient.


The main differences between 5G network and 4G network are speed, delay, carrier, etc. Compared with 4G, the speed of data transmission in 5G is theoretically calculated to be hundreds of times the transmission speed of 4G network. Its response speed is fast and it will not There is a stuttering phenomenon, the peak rate can reach 20Gbps, and the transmission delay can be as low as a few milliseconds, compared with 30-70 milliseconds for 4G. Applying the 5G network to the pda will rapidly increase the speed of information collection and data transmission of the pda. In summary, the main advantages of 5Gpda over 4Gpda are mainly manifested in the following aspects


  1. Faster data transfer speed.


Compared with 4G pda, 5G pda has a faster data transmission speed, which can realize information collection, information upload, and information sharing at a faster speed, and better meet the network speed requirements of various scenarios in mobile operations. Based on the high-speed transmission of 5G network, 5Gpda can be applied in the application scenarios of logistics, retail, medical care, manufacturing and other industries. Customers can directly carry out data collection and other work through the mobile PDA system, which can make the user's use more convenient and fast, simplify and accurate the complex operation process, and greatly improve the work processing speed.


  1. Lower network latency.


The network transmission of 5Gpda can achieve a delay of less than a few milliseconds. Such a network environment and stronger network stability make it more secure for users to use. Based on the high-quality transmission of 5G, users can share high-definition pictures and video files through PDA, which makes the way of work and communication more colorful and improves the quality of work. Take a popular case as an example. When watching a live video game, the network will be blocked due to poor signal. With the emergence of 5G technology, the signal transmission of 5G PDA has lower delay. In some industries or electric power industries, when it is necessary to transmit videos, photos, and files in real time, 5G PDA can better ensure transmission efficiency and quality.




  1. Larger network capacity


The 5G network has a large network capacity and can provide the connection capability of hundreds of billions of devices. Compared with 4G, it can better meet the network needs of IoT communication.


  1. Higher compatibility


4G pda is very high and can only support 4G network, and cannot use 5G network. 5G pda can not only use 5G network, but also compatible with 4G, 3G, and 2G networks. suitable network.


Shenzhen RUIYANTEK launch out a new model 5G mobile computer ,adopts native android 12 OS ,MTK 6nm red flag chip ,with full touch IPS HD screen 5.7inch size ,and expansion for RFID module and grisp pistol handheld .Also it can expand features of fingerprint .In one word ,it is a powerful model to help you improving efficiency .

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