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What is the principle of RFID PDA scanner infrared remotely reading electric meter ?

What is the principle of RFID PDA scanner infrared remotely reading electric meter ?

The infrared meter reading machine based on the Internet of Things technology data collector means can be said to be the darling of the hydropower public management undertakings in today's society. In traditional meter reading management, tedious visual identification and complicated manual transcription have become the biggest workload and pain points in the meter reading business for many years. Today, with the breakthrough of scientific and technological means, based on the data collector handheld terminal RFID handheld technology, aiming at the actual application needs of the industry exceeding the standard, through more than ten years of professional research and continuous innovation, the infrared meter reading handheld terminal RFID handheld Bring good news to all over-standard industries.


The pda remote meter reading system first creates customer files on the computer, and then downloads the meter reading files online to the portable computer (PDA) and stores them according to the computer, and uses the PDA as an intermediate carrier to upload the meter data information read by the PDA Into the microcomputer and carry out data storage, meter reading settlement, fee settlement, information control and viewing, report printing, fault testing and other management, complete a series of work such as independent measurement of various costs, unified charging, etc. This is also a remote meter reading method using PDA. The electronic wireless intelligent water meter wireless PDA acquisition meter reading system software consists of three parts: customer electronic computer intelligent meter reading data management software, wireless handheld PDA meter reading device, and electronic wireless water meter.


Main functions of pda remote meter reading system


  1. Automatic meter reading of wireless remote water meters, random copy in one of the meters or manual entry for meter reading.


  1. It can manage planning area information, customer information, equipment information, prices, etc.


  1. It can be converted into a meter reading document, and a unique file transmission is adopted: data information can be transmitted between the computer and the PDA.


  1. Induction, analysis, statistics, settlement, query, printing, fault alarm, etc. of the information returned by the pda remote meter reading system.


  1. Screen the relevant expenses of different planning areas, different customers, and any time range.


  1. Data information can be automatically backed up and restored.


What are the advantages of the meter reading application of the handheld terminal RFID handheld?


  1. In case of abnormal data, the handheld terminal RFID handset will give timely feedback. When a certain meter is found to be abnormal (such as the usage of water and electricity meters this month is extremely large), it will be repaired in time to avoid greater economic loss.


  1. Set the fee calculation formula through the handheld terminal RFID handset. When checking the multiple rate and time-sharing pricing table, the meter reading machine will automatically calculate the user fee accurately and quickly; print out the user fee detailed ticket on the spot, so that both public and private It can be found that it has indeed increased the user's satisfaction with the meter reading work.


  1. The realization cost of infrared meter reading is low. It can be realized easily and at a low cost by using the handheld terminal RFID handheld by the meter reading personnel and installing a low-cost infrared module for the traditional electric meter. At the same time, it has effectively changed the existence of dark corners of business operations such as "favorite tables". Handheld terminal RFID handset is not only efficient, but also simple.


System Features Wireless automatic meter reading, one-key start, improve meter reading efficiency; simple meter reading operation: wirelessly read or input the current month's reading value, and other operations are performed by the program on the server side; ensure meter reading Accurate and reliable data information; background management interface automation technology, informatization; arbitrary data communication, not limited by time and space; friendly page, easy to use, the operation panel is a standard Windows page, the menu and buttons are simple, easy to grasp .

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