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How can PDA mobile computer replace traditional labor?

How can PDA mobile computer replace traditional labor?

Optimize the visual management of the warehouse, and intelligent PDA mobile computer replaces the traditional manual collection of cargo information. The statistical query is convenient, efficient and accurate. High warehousing efficiency, accurate and real-time inventory dynamics, reduced warehousing management costs, accelerated warehousing turnover, and realized the management of warehousing goods


Overview of warehouse management


Has your business encountered any of the following problems?


  1. It takes time and effort to find goods in the warehouse, and often they cannot be found.


  1. It is not clear how much inventory is in the warehouse, nor the specific storage location.


  1. It is time-consuming to take inventory every time.


  1. The storage time is long, which affects the efficiency.


Seriously affect the efficiency of enterprise product logistics and transportation, cause management confusion, and increase enterprise management costs.


The barcode/RFID electronic label warehouse management software system can solve the above problems. Through the software of the data center, it is possible to accurately locate the specific storage location of each item, accurately count the quantity/specification of the goods, and accurately manage each person's storage and storage process.


Introduction to barcode/RFID warehouse management system: The system adopts barcode/RFID combined with electronic label technology ERP visual database software to form a set of all-round and whole-process visual tracking, from warehousing, transfer, and visual tracking.


The system is divided into central ERP barcode data management and handheld client management. The main function of the barcode warehouse management system is to accurately manage the goods, accurately locate the storage location of the goods, speed up the transfer of goods, and eliminate the loss of goods or property loss caused by human factors.


  1. Barcode/RFID electronic label: Barcode/electronic label is mainly used for assets in the manufacturing industry, as well as personnel identification and monitoring. Identification mainly includes tools, equipment, inventory of property and relevant personnel. Labels can be designed in various styles, such as cards, strips, wristbands, etc., according to customer needs.


  1. Barcode management software: The software is divided into database center management software and handheld management software. The module functions include five functions: Warehouse Management, Warehouse Management, Inventory Management, Goods Search and Warehouse Management.


  1. Data collector: The industrial-grade mobile data collection terminal adopts barcode/RFID collection, and the wireless communication selects 4G/WIFI function. Mainly used to collect barcode/RFID to transmit wireless base station to database center through 4 data collection data G/WIFI.


Shenzhen Ruiyan Interconnection Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of handheld intelligent terminal equipment in China, with a profound technical background in intelligent terminal product development and function customization.


All of the company's products are independently realized from appearance design to complete machine R&D and production, from hardware to software. Flexible modules can be added to support the customization and modification of the operating system, so as to better meet the application needs of customers.


The company has launched a full range of mobile data terminals for radio frequency (RFID) identification such as one-dimensional code scanning, two-dimensional barcode scanning, low-frequency, high-frequency, and ultra-high frequency. Communication methods include: Wi-Fi/ZigBee/2G/3G/4G/Bluetooth2.0/3.0/4.0/5.0/RS433/ etc., and its related products have been widely used in logistics, hospital medicine, electricity, finance, public security, education , taxation, transportation, tourism, retail and other industries.

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