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7 Benefits of RFID PDA device Application in Livestock Animal Farming

7 Benefits of RFID PDA device Application in Livestock Animal Farming

The whole process of animal husbandry traceability will put ear tags on the ears of animals, and then use RFID handheld terminals for batch management. The rfid handheld terminal pda is specially developed and produced for the whole process of animal husbandry traceability.


Parameters of the RFID PDA barcode scanner :

Using Android 10.0 operating system, contex53-A 2.0MHZ core, 2+16GB memory or 4+64GB memory, equipped with 915MHZ rfid reading module, it is a good helper for the whole process of animal husbandry traceability.


Animal electronic ear tags (RFID tags):

  1. Extremely small physical size,
  2. Extremely complex production process;
  3. The only chip ID identification number in the world, which cannot be copied;
  4. International highest digit chip password control:
  5. Non-contact reading;
  6. Recognition is fast.


7 benefits of using RFID PDA equipment to manage livestock farming:


Some countries and regions with developed animal husbandry, such as the European Union, North America, and Australia, have done more research in this area. RFID technology is applied to the livestock traceability management system, and animal electronic ear tags are used to establish an ID for each cow and sheep. The permanent digital file implements one animal-label, combined with the PDA handheld terminal to read the electronic ear tag, so as to realize the monitoring and management of each cattle and sheep, and realize the digital and refined management of breeding.

1.Established a permanent animal file:

One animal, one tag is realized through RFID electronic ear tags, and a permanent electronic file of animals is established;

2.Eliminate the repetitive work of secondary entry and improve work efficiency:

All data is recorded by PDA. After the recording is completed, it is uploaded to the server for update through the mobile network. There is no need for paper entry or re-entry on the management platform, which greatly saves entry time and improves work efficiency.

3.The information management method makes data sharing faster:

The information management method can be seamlessly connected with multiple platforms, data sharing is more convenient, and the supervision department implements monitoring to ensure the plasticity and safety of livestock traceability;


4 Real-time data, query and update quickly:

Through PDA mobile technology, it is not affected by time and region, and the latest data can be queried and updated anytime and anywhere, providing a more reliable and timely data basis for management strategies;

 5.Bluetooth weighing technology, work faster

All livestock weighing can be directly weighed, and the weighing data can be directly transmitted to the PDA for display through Bluetooth, which is in line with the technological development trend and saves a lot of data recording operation time.

6.Provide data support for later traceability. The traceability of RFID handheld terminals has become an important means of today's food safety assurance, which is crucial to the good development of animal husbandry.


Due to the frequent occurrence of food safety crises (food poisoning, mad cow disease, foot-and-mouth disease, bird flu and other livestock and poultry diseases, serious agricultural product residues, and the surge in imported food materials, etc.), which have seriously affected people's health, it has aroused widespread concern around the world. Effective tracking and tracing of food has become an extremely urgent global issue.

The RFID food traceability management system will use advanced RFID technology and rely on network technology and database technology to realize information fusion, query, and monitoring, and provide security, Reasonable decision-making on the source of food ingredients and inventory control to achieve a food safety early warning mechanism. RFID technology runs through food safety throughout, including production, processing, circulation, and consumption. The whole process is strictly controlled, and a food safety control system with a complete industrial chain has been established to form a closed-loop production of various food companies for production and sales. To provide high-quality and safe food to the society, and to ensure high-quality data exchange in the supply chain, so that the food industry can thoroughly implement food source tracking and the ability to provide complete transparency in the food supply chain.


Through the construction of this system, the problem of not being able to read the data accurately due to the damage to the barcode caused by oil pollution, humidity, etc. can not only be traced back to the disease and pollution problems in the breeding and processing industry, but also can be traced back to the abuse of drugs in the breeding process 1. Use additives beyond the scope and limit in the process of processing, change the previous food quality and safety management that only focused on the control after production, and ignore the prevention and control phenomena in production, improve food processing technical regulations, hygienic standards and certification standards in production, and drive the industry The overall progress of the food industry and the overall improvement of the level of the food industry

 7.The data is accurate and can effectively prevent loss

Each animal has an RFID tag, and paperless full digital management is adopted to effectively prevent recording errors. When an animal is lost, an accident occurs, or a dangerous pack of wolves is encountered, the whereabouts of the animal can be effectively traced, found and rescued in time.

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