1. One-on-One Technical Support:
    We offer dedicated pre-sales engineers who provide personalized one-on-one service. During the initial stage, we thoroughly discuss your requirements and application scenarios. Based on that, we recommend suitable product models, parameters, and configurations. We answer your queries, offer technical advice, and guide you through the ordering process.

  2. Free SDK Download Service:
    Depending on the chosen model and configuration, we provide corresponding Software Development Kits (SDKs) for free download. These SDKs offer necessary resources and support to facilitate seamless integration and utilization of our devices in your development work.

  3. Technical Support during Development:
    You can schedule remote assistance for technical support throughout the development process. If you encounter any issues or challenges, our technical team will collaborate with you, help troubleshoot problems, and provide necessary guidance to ensure smooth progress in your development efforts.

  4. After-Sales Support:
    We handle post-sales troubleshooting to ensure proper functioning of your devices. If you experience any malfunctions or issues, our support team will assist you in resolving them promptly. We strive to provide quick response and timely solutions to maximize your satisfaction and maintain the reliability of your devices.

  5. ODM/OEM Services:
    We offer ODM (Original Design Manufacturing) and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) services to cater to your specific requirements. If you need custom devices with unique functionalities, we can design and manufacture them according to your specifications. Additionally, we support the addition of customer-provided modules, modifications to existing devices, and the development of entirely new devices through mold manufacturing.

We are committed to delivering excellent technical support and service to ensure the best experience and value when using our products and solutions. If you have any further questions or specific needs, please don't hesitate to contact us.