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How to choose a qualified industrial pda?

How to choose a qualified industrial pda?

More and more enterprise factories introduce PDA products as the primary tool to improve efficiency. What capabilities should a qualified industrial PDA product have?


Of course, the first thing to do is to have excellent scanning performance, that is, the recognition ability of the scanning head.


As the latest enterprise-level mobile data terminal, Ruiyan Internet Industrial PDA is specially customized for improving business efficiency. Barcode scanning and data capture needs in retail, industrial, medical, logistics, and original equipment manufacturing.


It adopts a new design, which is ergonomic, the compact body is comfortable to hold, and the weight is small and can be easily operated with one hand. The overall computing performance, the use of Honeywell N6603 scanning head to strengthen the scanning performance, the operation is also smoother; the high-resolution 4.5-inch large screen and low temperature resistant IPS full-view display design, whether indoors or outdoors, can be clearly seen. It greatly improves work efficiency and ensures fast data entry;


Secondly, a good industrial PDA also has the ability to adapt to harsh environments.


Ruiyan Internet Industrial PDA conforms to IP54 industrial grade, has excellent industrial quality, and can withstand harsh application environments such as dust, dirt and splash water erosion and repeated drops from 1.2 meters in the air. The excellent performance design enables it to withstand 500 tumbles within 1 meter, ensuring reliability for years of use.


Ruiyan Internet Industrial PDA has excellent scanning performance and extraordinary industrial grade. It is definitely the first choice for a series of applications such as price checking and auditing, inventory management, customer service and product procurement in light industrial application environments.


We mainly develop and produce handheld terminals and industrial pda handheld terminals with wireless data acquisition function for commercial and industrial use, and are committed to providing customers with overall mobile computing solutions and creating higher value in the field of Internet of Things and mobile e-commerce.

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