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How to find the right PDA android scanner for you ?

How to find the right PDA android scanner for you ?

A handheld terminal refers to a data processing terminal with an operating system, memory, CPU, graphics card, screen, keyboard, and data transmission processing capability with a battery that can be used and carried on the move.



Taking a warehouse as an example, if the user uses a PDA in a large-scale three-dimensional warehouse, and the storage position of the items is high and far away from the operator, a handheld terminal with a long reading distance and a high first reading rate should be selected.Engonus T10 Honeywell N6603 meets the requirement. For users of small and medium-sized warehouses, a PDA with complete functions and easy operation can be selected.


2.operation system

Operating systems include Android, WindowsMobile, Windows CE and handheld terminals without an operating system.The choice of different operating systems will have different operating experiences. But at present, the Android system is widely used in the market .


3.The memory capacity

The memory capacity of the handheld terminal determines the data capacity, and its memory capacity should correspond to the processing speed of the CPU. If a PDA with a low-performance CPU is used, blindly increasing its memory capacity will increase the processing and waiting time of the user. Engonus adopts Cortex A-53 2.0 GHz octa-core CPU ,with RAM 4GB+ROM 64GB  .

4.Screen resolution


A higher resolution can better support the software, display the operation interface, and improve the user experience. Proper brightness and contrast also protects the operator's vision


5.Coding range


The PDA terminal scanner android can scan variety of code .The Honeywell N4313 / UE966 / Zebra SE965 scan head read 1D code ,for example UPC/EAN,Code128,Code39,Code93,Code11,and so on


The scanning head of Zebra SE4710 / SE2100/Honeywell

N6603/EM3092 could read 2D code ,such as PDF417, MicroPDF417, Composite, RSS, TLC-39,MaxiCode; Postal Codes: US PostNet, US Planet,etc


Users should fully consider the coding range in their actual application when choosing.

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