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Steps to use Android PDA scanner

Steps to use Android PDA scanner

1.NFC function: NFC function, turn on this function, allow the mobile phone to exchange data when contacting other devices, as long as your device is close to another NFC-enabled device, you can synchronously share the application content on your device to the other party . At the same time, third-party NFC software is installed, which can read and write radio frequency cards.


2.Scanning tool: Open the scanning application to enter the interface and press scan to scan normally. Select "Barcode Setting" to enter the barcode type setting interface and set the required barcode type. Open "App Settings" to set the scanning sound, prompt light, cycle scanning, and scanning statistics functions.


3.WIFI setting: Click the WIFI icon to open the WIFI module, click the corresponding network service, and enter the password to connect to the network.


4.Bluetooth settings: Click the Bluetooth icon to turn on Bluetooth, click "More Settings", and choose to connect to the device.


5.Camera settings: Click the camera icon to activate the camera program and take pictures.


6.Google app settings: Open the google play store, log in to your Google account, and download any Android app


7.SDK secondary development: If you need to use Ruiyan Internet Technology's PDA to achieve certain functions, you need to tell us the specific functions you need, the frequencies involved, and the specific application scenarios, and we will provide the corresponding open SDK. Do secondary development for you, and do a good job in calling functions.


The handheld PDAT10 of Ruiyan Internet Technology adopts a 4.5-inch large-screen full-keyboard design, which is rich in functions. The whole machine is light, thin and portable, and runs fast. Application requirements such as durability and operation management allow employees to work faster and more efficiently, help enterprises simplify work processes and improve enterprise efficiency.




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