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What are the advantages of handheld inventory PDA in warehouse inventory?

What are the advantages of handheld inventory PDA in warehouse inventory?

"With the continuous development of enterprises, the difficulty of warehouse management is also increasing. As one of the daily tasks, warehouse inventory is manually checked one by one, which is time-consuming and error-prone. To solve this problem, one inventory machine is enough So, what are the main advantages of warehouse inventory machines in warehouse management?


  1. Realize paperless


In the process of warehouse management, the warehouse inventory machine can be used to input data without pen and paper. The advantage of this input method is that the information can be directly stored in the system, and both import and export are very convenient. Even if it takes a long time, when you want to query in the future, you only need to enter the keyword to find the required data.


  1. Improve warehouse throughput efficiency


Warehouse inventory pda is small in size and light in weight. When handling large-scale goods warehousing procedures, there is no need to move the goods to the computer for registration. You only need to hold the inventory machine to scan the goods in front of them. The advantage of this warehouse management mode is that it can improve the throughput efficiency of the warehouse.


  1. Save labor costs


After the introduction of the warehouse inventory machine, the input and inventory of goods can be completed through the inventory machine, saving labor costs. Moreover, compared with manual inventory, the inventory machine is not only efficient, but also has a low error rate.


RUIYANTEK T10 Handheld Inventory PDA is a cost-effective industrial-grade handheld collection terminal, built for professional storage application scenarios, supporting ordinary scanning and remote scanning. Flexible shape, easy to hold, specially designed for warehouse infields. High performance, fully meet the needs of logistics warehousing infield. Large-scale three-dimensional warehousing and other warehousing multi-performance needs


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