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What are the advantages of rfid reader handheld terminal

What are the advantages of rfid reader handheld terminal

An RFID tag is a radio frequency tag that transmits information through radio frequency. RFID reader handheld terminals generally use radio frequency readers, electronic tags and readers as the main control structures. Compilation and execution of corresponding instructions should be done by sending instructions to electronic tags. Then complete the information transmission and tag reading. Compared with ordinary barcode labels, RFID does not need to touch the identification object during the identification process. The content in the electronic tag can only be read by radio frequency. The following is a brief introduction to the advantages of RFID handheld terminal equipment.

When the rfid reader handheld terminal reads the label, the handheld terminal can remotely read the barcode, can read the barcode in high-speed motion, and can also read multiple barcodes at one time.

It is easy to identify and has high safety performance. QR code barcodes are printed on barcode paper or objects and can be copied. Data security and confidentiality are relatively poor. RFID technology can encrypt the label, and the label can be directly processed into a package or bottle, with multiple confidentiality, not easy to damage, and high safety performance.

Large capacity, a two-dimensional barcode has a limited capacity space, even a two-dimensional code with a relatively large storage capacity can only store 3000 characters. RFID can control the capacity of the label according to the needs, and the capacity is very large, so there is no need to worry about too much data and insufficient capacity.

For near and far identification, use a barcode scanner. Generally, the depth of field is very far and some are very close. The long-range depth of field has good scanning performance for close-range barcodes, and the short-range depth of field cannot read long-range barcodes. RFID this situation does not occur in handheld terminals. Near or far.
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