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What is the difference between laser scanning and camera scanning?

What is the difference between laser scanning and camera scanning?

Question One: Some handheld terminals have both a laser scanning head or a red light scanning head and a camera. What I want to ask is why the camera cannot replace the scanning head?

Louis: The laser head is based on the principle of reflection. The barcode digitization process is realized by recognizing the black and white bars of the barcode as 1 and 0 in binary. The red light head and the two-dimensional head are based on the imaging principle. Similar to the camera, the speed of the scanning head will be faster and faster. To what extent? If we simply look at the efficiency of the scanning engine, the SE955 manufacturer can provide a speed of >100 scans/second. However, the fastest SLR that can take clear images on the market is only 8 frames per second. This is the fundamental reason why the camera cannot replace the scanning head.

Tony: Is it because of speed or principle?

The real reason is decoding speed. If you use a barcode handheld, generally the workload of scanning barcodes will be very heavy. Camera scanning requires a process of turning on the camera and focusing, and it takes at least two or three seconds to wait, while the scanning head scans successfully almost instantly, and the scanning head has a "sight". If there are thousands of barcodes to be scanned a day, the camera will be exhausted


Grace: I saw an industrial-grade scanning device recently, so I can say a few words. Now the codes that people can scan on their mobile phones are mainly one-dimensional barcodes and two-dimensional QR codes, but there are dozens of two-dimensional codes in the industrial field, and there are various needs such as pursuing confidentiality and uniqueness. It is very difficult to decode the mobile phone camera. In addition, in the field of industrial applications, speed and accuracy are very important. Taking the logistics industry as an example, a mobile scanning terminal may scan thousands of packages. You can imagine that if you use a mobile phone to scan It takes a few seconds to recognize a package and you have to face the face sheet. The courier must be crazy. In addition, industrial equipment is often treated roughly, and the increasingly fragile mobile phones will not last for a few days.


Question two: The camera can scan QR codes, so it should be able to scan QR codes, right?

Louis: The camera is compatible with 1D barcodes, just like all 2D heads are compatible with 1D barcodes

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