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What is the role of medical handheld PDA ?

What is the role of medical handheld PDA ?

Medical handheld PDA is a handheld device for data collection PDA android barcode scanner , storage and transmission specially designed for medical inpatient management, mobile medical care, and patient information management. The medical android handheld PDA scanner collects and stores information such as patients and supplies, and transmits the feedback to the data center to realize functions such as scanning verification, link monitoring, sign entry, bedside entry, nursing inspection, and information query, optimizing the execution process of doctor's orders and the process of information entry. At the same time, it avoids manual verification operations, improves the quality of nursing services, and reduces medical malpractice.


What are the application scenarios of medical handheld PDA?



  1. Inspection


The inspector checks whether the item is consistent with the application form by holding the barcode on the PDA specimen, and enters the inspection result. It can effectively avoid problems such as checking the wrong item or using the wrong container.


  1. Smart ordering


The staff scans the patient's bed number or wristband with a handheld PDA to determine the patient's identity and dietary doctor's order information, effectively solving the problems of nutritious meal preparation, meal ordering table preparation, cash collection and settlement, as well as meal catering and feeding calculation. .



  1. Inpatient management


When admitted to the hospital, a patient is given a wristband with a barcode that records patient information in detail. The medical staff receives the information through the handheld PDA to obtain the doctor's order. When executing a doctor's order, scan the wristband with a handheld PDA to confirm patient information and ensure medication safety. At the same time, physical signs can be measured, medical orders can be executed, and relevant data can be recorded. It is convenient for patients to track their condition and doctors to view medical records. Improve work efficiency and realize intelligent information management.


  1. Infusion PDA check


The infusion personnel use the medical handheld PDA to check the barcode of the patient and the barcode of the infusion bag, and carry out the infusion, effectively ensuring the safety of the infusion and preventing infusion errors. Control the links of starting the infusion, receiving the bottle, ending the infusion and canceling the infusion, so that the entire infusion process of the patient can be carried out in an orderly manner.



  1. Medical waste management

Establish a medical waste information management platform. Swipe the card to start scanning code recognition, GPS positioning to trace the waste trajectory, accurate and intelligent weighing, reduce manual operation errors, and automatically upload information to the platform for remote monitoring. Contactless handover reduces cross-infection.


The function of medical handheld PDA


Take Ruiyan Internet Technology T10 medical handheld PDA as an example, its functions are as follows:


     1.  4.5 inch touch screen design, easy to operate, IP66 waterproof, dust-proof,


  1. After 1.5 meters drop test, it is ruggedand durable


  1. Lightweight and compact to meet the requirements of nurses to hold and carry; support antibacterial and anti-corrosion, support 75% alcohol for wiping the whole machine (including the screen), and support placing a disinfection cabinet for disinfection.


  1. Android 9.0 high configuration, octa-core processor, 4G+64G storage, support wearing gloves, wet and dry hand touch, to meet various operational needs.


  1. Using Honeywell N6603 scanning head, the scanning speed is fast, the decoding ability is strong, and it can read various barcodes including curved barcodes in medical scenes;


  1. IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac, all Netcom 4G, real-time transmission, data transmission, calls are correct.


  1. Fast charging, low power consumption, 4300mAh large battery for long battery life, and the device can be used for up to 10 hours with full functions. Standby time up to 48 hours


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