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PDA handheld computers'application in asset tracking

PDA handheld computers'application in asset tracking

Why do you need asset management?


According to the survey, enterprises with more than 200 employees lack a perfect intelligent management system, which will lead to a 10-15% loss rate of fixed assets, a 20% idle rate of assets and a 10% repeated purchase rate of fixed assets. The operation of the enterprise has a bad influence, which directly increases the operating cost of the enterprise and causes a waste of resources.


With the expansion of enterprise scale and the increase of personnel, the number and types of fixed assets and storage locations are increasing linearly, which makes the management of fixed assets more difficult. Traditional asset management is managed by manual paper records, which is time-consuming. It is also laborious. If you want to shorten the inventory time, you have to invest a lot of manpower, and manual paper records are very prone to errors; in order to improve work efficiency and make the daily management of fixed assets of the enterprise smoother, use RFID technology combined with RFID electronic tags and RFID smart The handheld terminal PDA has developed an RFID fixed asset management system, which enables automatic management and quick inventory of fixed assets, improves the utilization rate of equipment, and reduces enterprise management costs.


RFID technology is equivalent to a new generation of automatic identification technology. It has a series of advantages such as fast and efficient reading of data information, high degree of automation, wide adaptability, ability to store a large amount of data information, and a very strong carrier medium. In addition, RFID technology can also be used to quickly and accurately identify and batch inventory the fixed assets, so as to achieve the purpose of intelligent dynamic tracking and centralized monitoring of the entire life cycle of fixed assets, thereby providing a reasonable allocation of enterprise assets. a valid basis.

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How can PDA handheld data collectors effectively manage assets?


PDA handheld computers is a lightweight portable material inventory device, which can quickly inventory warehouse materials and read material information in batches. With the continuous development of information management, it is widely used in all walks of life. It can carry out accurate and comprehensive identification management on warehouse materials, clothing retail, material identification, etc., and convert traditional paper data information into digital information and store it on the Internet. Among them, the scientificity of production and operation decision-making management of individuals, enterprises and even various industries has been improved.


The PDA handheld data collector is connected to the fixed asset management system, which can realize efficient asset inventory, inventory data collection, warehouse material delivery, storage, maintenance, etc.


  1. Data collectionand entry


Use the PDA handheld mobile computer to wirelessly identify or scan the code to identify the specified materials, obtain the information of the materials, and transfer the obtained batch of material information to the database to update the system material information.


  1. Recognition of inbound and outbound inventory


Obtain the material list at the management system and import it into the PDA handheld data collector, and then use the PDA handheld data collector to scan and identify the batch of materials in batches, and check the list information. The batch of materials can only be released after the data is accurate. Warehouse storage.


  1. Material information identification


Point the PDA hand-held data collector to the materials or retail products with RFID electronic tags, click on the handheld device to start scanning and identification, and can identify the type, specification, quantity, time and date, storage location and other information of multiple tag materials in batches at one time , accurate and fast.


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5 Advantages of rugged mobile computer in Asset Tracking


  1. Introduce labels, barcodes, etc. into asset management, store materials in categories, and manage them in an orderly manner;


  1. It can quickly and accurately identify materials and improve the efficiency of inventory management;


  1. Reduce the missing disks, repeated inventory and data entry errors that occur during manual inventory, and reduce the operating cost and time cost of the enterprise;


  1. Ensure the authenticity and completeness of the data;


  1. Information digitization provides the basis for viewing inventory data at any time, grasping inventory data in real time, providing a basis for warehouse replenishment, and enhancing the competitiveness of enterprises

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How to choose a fixed asset management system? Four aspects help you choose a fixed asset management system


There are many manufacturers of fixed asset management systems in the market, how can we choose a suitable fixed asset management system? Generally speaking, you can start with the comprehensiveness of the system, ease of operation, price and charging methods.


  1. System comprehensiveness:


  1. Functional comprehensiveness: including asset application, warehousing and retrieving/returning, borrowing/returning, transfer/transfer, inventory, maintenance, scrapping, cleaning, depreciation and other functions, and requires reporting, authority management, and asset history , basic data and other functions.


  1. Integration: Can it be integrated with the financial system, OA system, ERP system, etc., so that it can not only save time and improve the accuracy of work, but also realize the information construction of the enterprise.


  1. Whether employees can participate: For example, employees can apply for usage, borrowing, etc., and the administrator will issue it after reviewing and signing by the employee. In this way, the responsibility for the fixed asset management can be assigned to one person, and the blame can be avoided when problems arise.


  1. Ease of use:


Whether the interface is beautiful, if the interface is too old, it may not be able to give users a refreshing feeling. In addition, whether it is user-friendly is also very important. After searching for a long time, I can't find where this button is, which will reduce work efficiency and inevitably cause people to crash. If the system is easy to use and easy to operate, it will greatly add points to the feasibility of the system.


  1. System deployment method


See if the system supports remote deployment, whether the deployment time is fast, whether the opening method is flexible, etc.


  1. Price


The market is mainly divided into standard version and custom development version. The standard version pricing is a general system function module, which can meet the needs of most small and medium-sized enterprises. It has a strong technical support platform, which can be used for future system function expansion, and can meet most of the needs of enterprises. Development customization is to carry out secondary development on the basis of this standard version, so that the system can meet a small number of requirements with strong specificity. Through the combination of the two, the needs of users can be fully realized, and it is relatively reasonable.

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