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What are the application scenarios of the three-proof handheld terminal equipment?

What are the application scenarios of the three-proof handheld terminal equipment?

The three-proof handheld terminal device is a function of designation, data collection, calculation, network, Bluetooth, communication, photo, storage, telephone and other functions. It is mainly used in the industrial field and has high stability, high protection, high stability, high stability, High stability, security, reliability, fast response and other characteristics. As a fast data processing device, the three-proof handheld terminal device integrates two-dimensional code scanning, barcode reading, two-dimensional code reading, data collection, barcode reading, barcode scanning, etc. and information in addition to some basic performance. Collect and process closely related functions to meet the operational needs of industry data collection, data processing, and data query operations, complete data integration management, and lay the foundation for digital transformation and upgrading of enterprises.


  1. Medical care

The three-proof handheld terminal equipment can be used in mobile ward rounds, file management, equipment management, drug supervision and other medical industry scenarios to realize the intelligent operation and management of hospitals. In addition, it can also be used in the one-code traceability system for medicines and vaccines to realize state supervision during the production and circulation of medicines and vaccines, and ensure the quality and safety of medicines.


  1. Scenic spot management

In scenic spot management, three-proof handheld terminal equipment is often used in ticket checking, ticket verification, passenger flow statistics, ticket identification and other links. The entire electronic operation not only greatly reduces the workload of staff, improves work efficiency, and helps better cope with holiday peaks The pressure of passenger flow, and the anti-counterfeiting management of tickets has been strengthened. Suitable for playgrounds, attractions, fairs, etc.


  1. Retail stores

The three-proof handheld terminal equipment can be used for data collection and transmission in offline stores such as supermarkets, chain stores, counters, stores, etc., to help stores achieve efficient and convenient commodity warehouse management, inventory, distribution, shopping guide, etc., to help stores achieve comprehensive digital operations , optimize processes, improve efficiency and increase sales.


  1. Power inspection

The application of three-proof handheld terminal equipment in power inspection mainly includes data collection, route arrangement, work status supervision, personnel inspection, equipment monitoring, etc., which can help scientific management of power equipment and personnel inspection arrangement, improve work efficiency, and reduce production and operation costs. .


  1. Manufacturing

The three-proof handheld terminal equipment can be used in warehouse management, process control, equipment management, personnel tracking and other links of manufacturing enterprises. With data as a link, it can connect people, objects and equipment to help enterprises achieve efficient, accurate and intelligent business and personnel management.

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