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Why Inventory PDA scanner are Widely Used in the Apparel Industry?

Why Inventory PDA scanner are Widely Used in the Apparel Industry?

The inventory PDA scanner has the functions of data collection and wireless data transmission, which can identify the collected information by barcode scanning or scanning RFID, avoiding errors caused by manual data recording, and uploading the data to the server for comparison in real time, with strong real-time communication data and high efficiency.


What are the applications of pda inventory device in garment enterprise management?


  1. Store shopping guide


Collect and identify clothing label information through the inventory machine, and use the inventory machine WIFI to connect to the database system, obtain corresponding pictures and inventory information in real time, and respond to customer needs in a timely manner.


  1. Warehousing management


Scan the barcode, use the inventory machine to input the cargo information, including category, size and quantity, and the data is sent to the management system to complete the storage. When out of the warehouse, scan the barcode to complete the out of the warehouse.


  1. Sales management


The inventory machine can automatically count the sales of goods, including the type of goods sold, specifications, sales volume, and sales, and upload the database system in real time through the network, which is convenient for managers to obtain sales information in real time, configure goods in time, and formulate business strategies.


  1. Inventory management


In the inventory link, the cargo information is scanned by the inventory machine, and the data is automatically uploaded to the management system for comparison. Realize rapid inventory of inventory goods, clear categories and quantities, timely replenishment, avoid out-of-stock or code disconnection, and improve the operation efficiency and feedback speed of the supply chain.


Because the clothing industry has problems such as large quantity, large amount of data, and difficult management, the multi-function of the inventory machine can be applied to each link, greatly reducing the workload, reducing the work flow and improving the work efficiency, so it is widely used in clothing production enterprises. Sales companies are widely used.




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